the renewable energy alaska project (REAP), is a coalition of groups devoted to developing alaska's vast renewable energy sources. the 1,000 Alaska Energy Stories project invites Alaskans to share their personal experience as it relates to the use and cost of energy in their daily lives the goal of the '1,000 stories project', developed in 2013, was to humanize the energy challenges the residents face and highlight the benefits of local renewable energy generation and demonstrate the success of energy efficiency measures. the goal is to reach a general public that is bombarded with information through short online videos and photo essays that share energy stories from a diverse spectrum of Alaskans.for this project,

I traveled around the country interviewing individuals and businesses that have made the adjustment to renewable energy. alaska already suffers disproportionately from climate change impacts due to its small, isolated market. it is more vulnerable to volatile fossil fuel practices and potential shortages more than any other place in the united states.WHILE THERE in the summer of 2013, ALASKA EXPERIENCED RECORD BREAKING HEAT WAVES REACHING OVER 100 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT IN SOME PARTS OF THE STATE.


this box is a representation of the amount of co2 a person in the usa emits every day (930 cubic feet/day)

Renewable energy fair, anchorage, alaska

Iditarod Sled racing dogs

Iditarod Sled racing dogs